Green Beret Learns ‘Not Everybody Can Be Saved’

In Iraq on his first U.S. Army Special Forces deployment, Sgt. 1st Class Kelly A. Stewart got what he called his “baptism of fire” in war and became the senior medic on his team within a week of his arrival in country.

Kelly A. Stewart on a mission in Iraq.

Kelly A. Stewart on a mission in Iraq.

“I went there thinking that every life could be saved and every life should be saved,” said Stewart, a Green Beret who wore three interchangeable “hats” — medic, sniper and intelligence specialist.  “You go there thinking that you’re the most-trained person in the world and you’re so confident… and find that not everybody can be saved.”

After spending most of four years in Iraq, Stewart was reassigned to “schoolhouse” duty in Germany and soon found himself fighting a fight he never expected to have to wage.

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Click on image above to order Bob’s books.

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