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Family Members of Fallen Marine File Lawsuit Against DoD

Members of the family left behind by Marine LCpl. Greg Buckley Jr. have filed suit against several Department of Defense entities and individuals, alleging they were systematically misled about the death of their loved one at the hands of an Afghan “ally.”

LCpl. Greg Buckley Jr., USMC

LCpl. Greg Buckley Jr., USMC

The complaint, according to a Washington Post report Thursday, was filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in New York, and names the Department of Defense, the Navy Department and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service as defendants. In addition, it names Gen. James F. Amos, the soon-to-retire commandant of the Marine Corps as defendants who was in the news last week for other reasons.

News of the lawsuit brings back memories of MaryLiz Grossetto’s response to a question — Should families of U.S. Soldiers be able to sue Department of Defense? — I raised Aug. 23, 2013, and posted on the Facebook page dedicated to her 21-year-old nephew who was killed during a “Green-on-Blue” (a.k.a., “Insider”) attack in Afghanistan Aug. 10, 2012. Excerpts from her response appear below with only minor edits:

Bob, if you had asked anyone in my family that question a year ago I’m pretty sure the answer would have been “NO.”

What a difference a year makes!

A year ago, I would have thought, “God forbid something happens, that’s the risk you were willing to take.”

Of course, a year ago I was under the mistaken impression that this country was doing all it could to protect & provide for our military. Sadly, today I know that is not the case. This administration is more concerned with how the Afghans will perceive things than making sure our own men are as safe as possible.

Having learned a lot during the year since her nephew died, Grossetto asked and answered some pointed questions late in her response:

Did we take measures to ensure our military would be safe? Did we order our men to carry loaded weapons at all times? Did we provide “Guardian Angels” to watch over our soldiers when they were most vulnerable? NO! WHY? Because we were too busy handing out pamphlets & ordering our soldiers to attend “culture & sensitivity training” so our heroes would not “offend” Afghans.

Did we use the best, most advanced equipment when it came to vetting these Afghan soldiers / police? NO!

Have we thoroughly investigated what happened to Extortion 17? NO!

Have we investigated & spoken the truth about Benghazi? NO!

Grossetto concluded her response this way:

So, in answer to your question, I guess we should start suing. Maybe that will help this administration get it’s priorities in order! Until Then, God Help Us All!

After reading my second nonfiction book, The Clapper Memo, Grossetto recognized how I connected the dots between three memos — including one issued by James R. Clapper Jr., now the nation’s top intelligence official — and hundreds of American casualties resulting from Green-on-Blue attacks like the one that killed her nephew. In addition, she offered her endorsement of the book:

“Read this book & you will see how our government has for many, many years deprived our military of the best possible tool for vetting & weeding out the enemy.”MaryLiz Grossetto.

Grossetto’s endorsement joins those of four others, including a former U.S. Navy SEALs commander, a former U.S. Army general, the parents of a member of the U.S. Navy’s SEAL TEAM SIX and the man who served as chief investigative counsel during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. Read their conclusions about the book here.

To learn more about The Clapper Memo, read other posts about the book.

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Click on image above to order Bob’s books.

New Novel Supports Findings Shared in The Clapper Memo

Seventy-five pages into SUPPORT AND DEFEND, a new Tom Clancy novel by Mark Greaney, I read two polygraph-related paragraphs that place the content of the reality-based fiction novel in line with real-world facts I uncovered during my four-year investigation of the federal government’s use of credibility assessment technologies, including the polygraph.

The image above shows a paragraph from page 75 of SUPPORT AND DEFEND by Mark Greaney.

The image above shows two key polygraph-related paragraphs from page 75 of SUPPORT AND DEFEND, a Tom Clancy novel by Mark Greaney.

In two paragraphs on that page, one man tries to calm the nerves of another man — an intelligence community super agent — as he faces a single-scope polygraph exam as part of an investigation to determine who leaked information to foreign terrorists:

Banfield tried to calm the younger man down. “The polygraph is a stage prop. It’s bullshit. The key to the polygraph is understanding the equipment is a hoax set out to intimidate the guilty into a confession. The examiner will interrogate you, and he will use the polygraph as a pretext to say he does not believe you. It is his tool to draw out a confession. Don’t confess, stay relaxed.” Banfield smiled. “And believe that which is true.”

Ethan glared at Banfield. “You aren’t telling me anything I don’t know.”

In my second nonfiction book, The Clapper Memo, I reveal details about the polygraph and about the turf war that backers of the century-old technology have been waging for more than 40 years against anyone challenging the technology.

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Click on image above to order Bob's books.

Click on image above to order Bob’s books.