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The Uniformed Military Balked at ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ Because They Had Better Option in Now-Banned Technology

The headline above a recent Stars and Stripes article caught my eye, because it included four words — the uniformed military balked — that became familiar to me as I conducted an exhaustive four-year investigation into the federal government’s use of credibility assessment and interrogation technologies.

Click image above to read article.

Click image above to read article.

Those four words reminded me of the memos issued by three top DoD officials in an attempt to remove one interrogation technology from the toolkits of our nation’s top military and intelligence warfighters. Worth repeating is the fact that it took three memos, because most warfighters simply refused to give up the tool after the first two memos were issued in June 2004 and in 2007. In other words, the uniformed military balked. It was only after a third memo was issued in June 2008 that the technology was finally removed from warfighters’ toolkits.

Some of our nation’s top warfighters described their reactions to the memo-backed efforts to take away one of their most-effective interrogation tools.

A former member of the Navy SEALs, who spoke with me on the condition I not reveal his identity, said the second memo, issued by then-Under Secretary of Defense James R. Clapper Jr., was a contributing factor in his decision to retire from the military much earlier than he could have. He went on to say that the people responsible for efforts to remove that technology from the hands of warfighters “should face charges and do time.”

A former Army Green Beret, who used the now-banned technology to conduct some 500 interrogations of enemy combatants and other detainees, spoke with me under the same condition. He told me he “would testify in front of Congress that this piece of equipment is essential for (Human Intelligence) personnel on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.  If they want to save lives, they’ve got to put this piece of equipment back into that theater. Every unit should have this equipment.”

Why did members of the uniformed military balk at giving up this particular piece of interrogation technology? Because it works far better than any kind of torture or “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

There’s only one place where you’ll find the details about how well this technology worked with detainees at Guantanamo Bay, on members of Saddam Hussein’s inner circle (a.k.a., “The Deck of Cards”) and on members of al-Qaeda and the Taliban — inside the pages of my second nonfiction book, The Clapper Memo.

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Bob McCarty Offers Weekly Recap: Dec. 5

During the last seven days, I shared plenty of news, including a video that went viral, at BobMcCarty.com. My list of accomplishments this week includes the following:

A loaded jingle truck rolls down Highway 1 in Zabul province, Afghanistan, July 3, 2010 ( DoD Photo).

A loaded jingle truck rolls through down Highway 1 in Zabul province, Afghanistan, July 3, 2010 ( DoD Photo).

Sunday, Nov. 30 — Amidst watching pro football games, I shared excerpts from my first two books. The first contained post-conviction thoughts of the Army Green Beret whose life is chronicles in my first nonfiction book, Three Days In August. The second, I shared what I learned during an interview with a retired Green Beret about he used non-polygraph interrogation technology to deal with ‘Truckloads of Bad Guys’ and other challenges in war zones.

Monday, Dec. 1 — Shot by a woman at the scene of the gruesome murder of a Bosnian immigrant in South St. Louis Sunday evening, a video I shared in the post, EXCLUSIVE: Hammers Attack Video From South St Louis, went viral. In fact, it had been viewed nearly 216,000 times by 11 p.m. Central Friday.

Tuesday, Dec. 2 — I not only recalled the day two years earlier when I Had Lunch With a Level One Sniper, but I also shared a sort of “I Told You So” video for Obama voters to watch.

Wednesday, Dec. 3 — I shared an update about the Oklahoma City Bombing Trial taking place in Salt Lake City under the headline, Oklahoma City Bombing Trial Judge Asked to Appoint Special Master to Investigate Allegations of FBI Witness Tampering. I also shared details about a new development in the aforementioned hammer attack in St. Louis.

Thursday, Dec. 4 — I published details of a Bosnian immigrant’s call for St. Louisans to unite in love following the deadly hammer attack in the city’s Bevo Mill neighborhood Sunday. I also shared my excitement about the first review of my just-released crime-fiction mystery novel, The National Bet.

Friday, Dec. 5 — I issued a plea to readers of this site to help a former Green Beret who’s facing a possible return to prison. In addition, I shared news about The National Bet garnering front-page coverage in the newspaper of a Southern Illinois community where much of the fictitious action inside the book takes place.

Saturday, Dec. 6 – My plans include attending a year-end shindig for St. Louis-area authors and watching as much college football as I can squeeze in. Beyond those items, I have few plans.

Hope you have a good week, and look forward to seeing you back here early and often.

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Click on image above to order Bob’s books.